Bizarre n° 63, sept. 2002, p.86 (UK)



Guts for garters

SkinBag desingner Olivier Goulet worked on the idea of his " territory-skin-body-organism " for years.

The SkinBag — also available as a flayed-skin hat, waistcoat and full range of Buffalo Bill-esque accessories — is his pièce de résistance. But Goulet claims his work is more than a piece of novelty fashion. It is a, he says gallically , " an immediately recognisable form : it is a bag or a waistcoast, whose material is sufficiently intriguing for everyone to react and interpret it his own way ". He claims women see it as " a portable placenta "and the handles as umbilical cords ".

So peoplegenerally find the ick endearing ? " No, " shoots Goulet. " Others completely refuse any contact, even any discussion, as they allow themselves to be dominated their disgust ." This despite the fact that the work is not real flesh, but 100 per cent latex.

But Goulet claims it is simply psychological hang-ups that prevent the people who don’t like this work have from wanting to wear streaky flayed " skin " around their bodies.  " It is obvious they refuse a part of themselves, " he claims. " The softness of the bags evokes regression, the troubled, primary aspect we have. It’s shapelessness does that too.

Happily for Goulet, " most people feel naturally attracted by these objects. They instnctively desire to touch them. What’s more that’s what I’m seeking. SkinBag had to be sensual vehicle. I want it do provoke the desire to caress it. "

Every piece is different and available in a variety of skintones. They can also be customised with tatoos — what about that one your ex has got ?


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